Finding out you have a food allergy can be devastating.

Finding out you have a food allergy can be devastating. I think my first thought was, "What does that mean?" You ask your doctor and he says just avoid that food. It's just a skin test. They aren't entirely accurate.

I am going to attempt to give you ideas and recipes on how to avoid corn. It can be quite the challenge.

Sorry that my blog is evolving into a little bit of everything in life.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Trying to keep weight on.....

Its hard for me to keep on weight.  I try to eat at least every 4 hours.  I am eating millet, or quinoa.  Cheese, sour cream, and/or cottage cheese with every meal.  Hot dogs, salad out of my garden.  Every couple of days I try a slice of toasted wheat bread that I froze a while back.  I melt some cheese on it in the microwave.  I sometimes mix the quinoa or millet cold into my green salad.  Lettuce, spinach, and swiss chard from my garden.  I also add pinto beans in every other week.  They are good mixed with either the millet or quinoa, sour cream, and cheese.  I have issues with rice, and wheat.  I also have roasted sweet potatoes with sour cream.  I was done to 115.  I am back up to about 125.  Started at 135 last July.  When I do eat I try to eat a big plate full.  Then sometimes I force myself to eat more the minute I feel hungry again even if its been only 2 hours.  :-) 

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River Glorious said...

Hi, Michelle.

I decided to go by the Irritable Bowel Syndrome route, and eat 5 to 6 small meals a day. I don't know, but I seem to have improved a little more.

I don't like spinach, but am planning on planting some soon. :)


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