Finding out you have a food allergy can be devastating.

Finding out you have a food allergy can be devastating. I think my first thought was, "What does that mean?" You ask your doctor and he says just avoid that food. It's just a skin test. They aren't entirely accurate.

I am going to attempt to give you ideas and recipes on how to avoid corn. It can be quite the challenge.

Sorry that my blog is evolving into a little bit of everything in life.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Winter Squash

As the winter months drag on I thought I'd share my way of cooking winter squash.  I use my large (Turkey Roaster) covered porcelain roasting pan.  I found I could cook large squash easily.  I thought it was funny that I was thinking that all I could use the pan for was cooking a turkey!  :-)  Heck it can be used for all kinds of things.  I get butternut, acorn, and spagetti squash.  Slice in 1/2 scoop out the seeds.  Place in the roaster cut side up.  Put a few inches of water in the bottom, but don't cover the squash.  Put the lid on.  Place in a 350 degree over for 30 - 60 minutes until tender. 

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Allergies

Now it appears I am allgeric to olive oil.  Confirmed this last night I mixed some Bartolli Extra Virgin on some peeled sliced potatoes I was baking for my husband with my hand.  My hand iched so bad!  Badger Balm lip balm has also been bothering me too. 

A few weeks ago I confirmed a legume allergy.  I recently started making pancakes from millet flour. 
1 cup millet flour, 1 tsp tapioca flour, 1/2 tsp or less baking soda and vinegar, mixing in water to consistancy of pancakes or thinner.  I fry them in a teflon pan I bought just for me with a little palm shortening.  I am starving for starch.

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